As the central hub of the project, our producers have the big picture of the project in their mind. They actively communicate with internal departments, as well as external parties clearly and effectively. They are equipped with professional management tools to create an environment where every department can focus on their expertise, so that our products and services are delivered on track, within budget and fun.


Engineers in projects are like engines in cars, which is the most essential part and the driving force in our projects. The engine is what distinguishes a good car from bad ones. Our professional engineers are like good engines, who can empower the design and graphics team to pursue better and more innovative solutions by elegant coding, and researching for next generation technology.


Good designers are like professional conductors in an orchestra, who arrange different aspects of a project, including the gameplay, narrative, levels, UI and sound effects into a beautiful harmony, delivering in a state-of-the-art manner to end users. Our designer achieves this by understanding the audience, thinking from the perspective of the person they are designing for, and what they need. With interactive designs, users are  soon immersed in a delightful world.


 From reality to fantasy, ancient to futuristic, complex to simple and clear, our graphic artists are able to harmonise the style to immerse the user into the project world. Our artists are particularly good at enlivening objects by animating them, creating vivid pop out effects in the backgrounds.