Butter Labo now offers different packages of Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR)/ Motion tracking applications, combining creativity, technology and engineering, for students to have a taste of the process of game production and a chance to express their imagination.

This ​package includes a game (Main Dish), the corresponding hardware ​​(Desserts) and editing tools/​​ software (Drinks​​), supplemented by tutorial workshops.

What is so valuable about this STEM package is that it allows students to design the game play and coordinate the hardware and software to achieve their preferred outcomes. This gives them the freedom of making a game of their own, and the excitement of experiencing AR and VR technologies.

Digital Interactive Signage Wall


  • This Signage Wall is suitable for showrooms, museums, information centres, etc.
  • This Signage Wall delivers information to a group of visitors, and collects feedback from them through iPods.
  • It delivers information through photo sliders and video players, which users can control by touching the big screen.
  • Each visitor is distributed with an iPod for polling and answering Quiz. The statistic is shown immediately.


Edutainment: iPad learning Apps for Preschoolers


  • Includes 10 different learning games suitable for 2-6 years old children.
  • Levels are carefully designed to suit children’s different cognitive milestones.
  • Cute characters and colourful pictures attract children to play.
  • Develops children’s ability in recognising numbers and shapes, storytelling, fine motor skills, etc.
  • Records every child’s playing performance for analysis.