Using the Esri ArcGIS Unity SDK and ArcGIS Javascript API, a real-time display of object and feature layers has been created for a CAVE setup. All content and function can be controlled by HTML page from a tablet. This would provide a more immersive interaction with the GIS content.

ButterLabo displays games at ICBC (Asia) e-Sports & Music Festival Hong Kong 2018 that will take you back in time!

Organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, ICBC (Asia) e-Sports & Music Festival Hong Kong (EMFHK) 2018 is one of the largest e-sports events in the city. This year the festival takes place from August 24 to 26 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. 
As a Cyberport company specialising in virtual reality (VR), ButterLabo is more than happy to join the festival, supplying VR experience to the public in the Cyberport zone. This time we showcase an immersive STEM game called Butter Sung that will take players back to the Sung dynasty! The game was an inspiration of a Sung poem, Melody of Green Jadeite Bowl (On the first night of a new year), which depicts scenes and street activities on a Lantern Festival night in the Sung dynasty. The game brings players back to the Sung dynasty in the poem’s setting to experience the Sung lifestyle. So students can learn the poem in a more interactive way. 
In the game, players can interact with different stalls on the street, guessing lantern riddles, lighting fireworks, playing pitch-pot games, etc. From the stall activities players can collect clues to find the lover to win. Our exhibition in the e-sports festival showcases the pitch-pot game, a popular drinking game in the ancient China, where players are required to throw arrows from a distance into a Chinese wine pot. 
Interactive and diverse, the game will spice up students’ learning experience. Learning aside, the game is a fun cyberphysical experience for all. Do come and join us in Hall 3C at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre! 

ButterLabo’s VR games on display in Sports and Leisure Expo 2018

The Sports and Leisure Expo takes place this year from July 18 to 24 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where more than 160 sports and leisure brands are exhibiting their fun and creative products. 
ButterLabo is glad to be part of the smart play exhibition alongside other virtual reality (VR) games, drones, 3D printing products etc, supplying one of the exhibitors, Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), with VR archery games. The game simulates archery settings, where users can enjoy cyber-physical and immersive game experience with the VR technology.
Other than smart play, the expo also showcases other interesting products in the themes of board games, fun and play, photography world, outdoor adventure, sports hub, health and fitness, and handicraft market. Do come and join us in the expo and enjoy some innovative games and applications!

Secondary school students sampled fascinating VR and AR in an interactive workshop

This week ButterLabo held a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) workshop for a group of 23 form 2 to form 4 secondary school students in Cyberport. In the workshop students from Cotton Spinners Association Secondary School were introduced to some of the newest VR and AR applications and games in the market and offered a site visit to the co-working space at Cyberport.
The students were excited to experience games and videos with equipment in the current market, including HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens and Oculus Go. The workshop actively engaged the students in exploring the virtual gaming world, and provided them with an understanding of VR and AR. The students were deeply intrigued by the applications throughout. Hopefully there are more events like this to come!

Happy Lion Dance in Y-Care CSR Scheme Awards Ceremony organised by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

ButterLabo was delighted to be invited as an exhibitor in Y-Care CSR Scheme Awards Ceremony organised by Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong in 2017.

Themed “Innovative Social Services”, we demonstrated the interactive “Happy Lion Dance” game to help improve elderly people’s balance and flexibility. The game requires the elderly to perform different steps and limb movements that are typical acts in a traditional lion dance. Apart from getting the elderly to exercise more, the game introduces the silver-haired group (and other age groups) to authentic lion dancing, and the fun brought by the AR technology. 


Butter Labo now offers different packages of Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR)/ Motion tracking applications, combining creativity, technology and engineering, for students to have a taste of the process of game production and a chance to express their imagination.

This ​package includes a game (Main Dish), the corresponding hardware ​​(Desserts) and editing tools/​​ software (Drinks​​), supplemented by tutorial workshops.

What is so valuable about this STEM package is that it allows students to design the game play and coordinate the hardware and software to achieve their preferred outcomes. This gives them the freedom of making a game of their own, and the excitement of experiencing AR and VR technologies.

The Lion Man 2017

An application, called the Lion Man, aims to provide players with an experience of performing the Lion Dance movements, as well as understanding the culture of Lion Dance.

Through the game, the player will learn the basic steps and gestures of the Lion Dance. Combining the technology of Augmented Reality, the game projects the user in a lion dance costume, which allows a virtual lion to exist in the real world without users carrying the heavy lion costumes. Big icons will be displayed on the side of the screen to tell the player what gestures to perform so as to score. Those are authentic lion dance movements developed by a professional kung fu master, so the user can have a taste of real lion dancing.

A game involving body movements sure provides an immersive and interactive experience to players. While players can have fun experiencing virtual lion dancing, the application is also good to their health as they get to exercise and move their limbs a lot.