Who are we?

Butter Labo specialises in creating interactive solutions to provide complete immersive experience for six human senses. Contributing in developing many award-winning technologies, the founders of Butter Labo have been the power house of local innovations using state-of-the-art technologies since 2009.

Our key areas of expertise presented below lie on the core technologies developed in-house as well as deliverables as bespoke integrated systems to suit any specific needs.

Our key areas include:

  • Mobile device applications
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)
  • 3D Mapping and Projections
  • Holographic displays
  • Interactive multimedia systems
  • Surrounding Dolby audio effects
  • … and more! Feel free to contact us for more inspiration!

Why Butter?

Butter is an unbounded food inspiring human gourmet history. It can be soft to spread on bread, melted in liquid for cooking, or hard for bakery. Any form plays an essential part in cookery. Butter Labo follows this “Butter Philosophy”; we know no boundaries in creativity, and our ideas must be essential, exciting and value adding to the solution.

The Six Senses


      • we programme special lighting effects
      • we adopt augmented reality
      • we create special 3D projection effects
      • we create holographic displays
      • we create the interactive video playback system, with the help of sensors/triggers


      • we create customised playback systems, such as PA, 5.1 Dolby home-theatre experience, interactive audio effects with sensors/triggers, etc.

Smell and Taste

      • we create special dining experiences with interactive menus, special lighting and smoke effects


      • we create apps for mobile platforms
      • we programme touch-screen applications
      • we create interactive hardware by using different kinds of sensors and inputs

Intuitive hunch

      • we create solutions for everyone to wonder
      • we create imagination
      • we show creativity