The Lion Man 2017

An application, called the Lion Man, aims to provide players with an experience of performing the Lion Dance movements, as well as understanding the culture of Lion Dance.

Through the game, the player will learn the basic steps and gestures of the Lion Dance. Combining the technology of Augmented Reality, the game projects the user in a lion dance costume, which allows a virtual lion to exist in the real world without users carrying the heavy lion costumes. Big icons will be displayed on the side of the screen to tell the player what gestures to perform so as to score. Those are authentic lion dance movements developed by a professional kung fu master, so the user can have a taste of real lion dancing.

A game involving body movements sure provides an immersive and interactive experience to players. While players can have fun experiencing virtual lion dancing, the application is also good to their health as they get to exercise and move their limbs a lot.

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