Augmented Reality


  • AR is popular in digital marketing campaigns. With the AR technology, looking at the phone, you will see 3D computer graphics, animations, texts or sound float on certain locations to promote your brand and products.


  • AR can make floor plan communication easier by allowing users to move the furniture modules and preview instantly on mobile devices.


  • Users simply point the phone camera at the product, and AR will display product information on the phone. This can be useful in trade fairs.


..Here are just some examples of AR application. Feel free to contact us for more inspiration!

Digital Interactive Signage Wall


  • This Signage Wall is suitable for showrooms, museums, information centres, etc.
  • This Signage Wall delivers information to a group of visitors, and collects feedback from them through iPods.
  • It delivers information through photo sliders and video players, which users can control by touching the big screen.
  • Each visitor is distributed with an iPod for polling and answering Quiz. The statistic is shown immediately.


Edutainment: iPad learning Apps for Preschoolers


  • Includes 10 different learning games suitable for 2-6 years old children.
  • Levels are carefully designed to suit children’s different cognitive milestones.
  • Cute characters and colourful pictures attract children to play.
  • Develops children’s ability in recognising numbers and shapes, storytelling, fine motor skills, etc.
  • Records every child’s playing performance for analysis.

Interactive Fish Pond

Butter Pond is a virtual fish pond placeable at home! In fact you can place it in any indoor space no matter how small and limited the space is, so now you can play with water and catch fish indoors anytime anywhere you want. It is one of the games in a series created for students with special educational needs. The fully immersive fish pond will engage both students with and without special educational needs in the same learning environment, for them to enjoy fish catching with their peers.

Game description:

  1. 4 players max. To collect fish from the pond
  2. Each player will be given a tool to catch fish
  3. At certain time players will be required to move and gather at a specific point, for example, the bridge
  4. Moving to a wrong position will scare the fish
  5. Team with more fish wins

Game Characteristics:

  • 4 projectors from 4 corners in order to minimise image blind spots
  • A kinect camera placed above the playground to detect the positions of players and the collection tools