Interactive Football Court

Have you ever thought of playing football on a rainy day? Are you looking for interesting games to play indoors?

This interactive football game developed by Butter Labo enables users to play football anytime anywhere they want! It is one of the games in a series created for students with special educational needs. The game provides players with interesting virtual reality experience while enabling them to play one of the most popular ball games in the world indoors!

Game Description

  1. 4 players max. To play football on a virtual football field, 2 vs 2
  2. Players should get used to controlling their avatars to block the opponent’s shot
  3. Players kick the ball into the opponent’s net to score
  4. Team with higher score in 10 min will win
  5. Payers can enjoy three game modes: free match-up, penalty shoot-out and passing training

Game Characteristics

  • 4 projectors from 4 corners in order to minimise image blind spots
  • A kinect camera placed above the playground to detect the players’ positions

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